MAL037 - Il-Wilga tal-Hemsija


Il-Wilga tal-Hemsija is an artificially constructed pond, intended for flood prevention and water storage, located within western Malta between Mdina and Attard. Cement culverts had been constructed in order to divert water from Wied ta’ Hemsija and nearby surfaced roads into the pond. The pond is not accessible by the public as there are no pathways and it covers an approximate area of 1,230m2. The pond is predominantly surrounded by agricultural land, however, there were no pipelines present indicating it is being used for irrigation. The pond’s basin was dominated by Arundo donax, Ricinus communis and Rumex conglomeratus with a few Ceratonia siliqua specimens around the basin. The site is located in the Mdina Area of High Landscape Chadwick Lakes and part of the Mdina Area of High Landscape Value.

Wetland data

Basic information
Wetland location: Inland
Wetland type: Artificial
Wetland area: 0.10 Ha
Hydrological interaction: Yes 
Water salinity: Fresh (< 0.5 g/l)
Type of fresh water input: Torrent / Stream - Unconfined aquifer
Surface water runoff There is no obvious water outflow
Open water area (%): 76 - 95
Hydroperiod: Permanent
Geographic information
Census district: Western
Island: Malta
Local council: L-Imdina
Longitude: 14.409190 East
Latitude: 35.888260 North
Biological significance
Biological significance: Low
Ramsar wetland type
Type Coverage (%)
2 -- Ponds; includes farm ponds, stock ponds, small tanks; (generally below 8 ha)
Property status
Protection statuses
Protection status category Protection status subcategory Area's name Code Coverage area (%) Legislation
National Area of High Landscape Value Mdina 555546305 100 Development Planning Act (Act VII of 2016)
CDDA protection status
CDDA code CDDA category
MT15 Area of High Landscape Value
Ecosystem services
Type of ecosystem service Ecosystem service Scale of Βenefit (%) Importance
Regulatory services Flood hazard regulation
Provisioning services Food
Provisioning services Fresh water
Cultural services Recreation and tourism
Regulatory services Water purification
Activities on wetland
Activity Intensity
020 = Resource conservation High
130 = Irrigation High
701 = water pollution High
910 = Silting up Medium
Activities on catchment area
Activity Intensity
100 = Cultivation High
110 = Use of pesticides High
120 = Fertilisation High
130 = Irrigation High
230 = Hunting Low
502 = roads motorways High
701 = water pollution High
830 = Canalisation High
910 = Silting up Medium
954 = invasion by a species Medium
Impact Intensity
EB- = Increase in aesthetic qualities High
ED- = Increase in sediment removal/retention High
ER- = Increase in flow regulation High
ES- = Increase in water supply Medium
PF- = Fertilizer/Excess nutrient pollution
PP- = Pesticide pollution
Vegetation types
Type Coverage (%)
Emergent 5 - 25
Shrubby / Arborescent < 5
Other 5 - 25
Species Presence status References
Arundo donax
Ceratonia siliqua
Ricinus communis
Rumex conglomeratus