- Il-Wied tal-Qlejgha 1

Wied tal-Qlejgħa (MAL026) is located within Ir-Rabat and Il-Mosta. Another part of this valley system, coded MAL030, has been included in the MedIsWet database and is located further upstream to MAL026. The site at MAL026 includes two main roads that cross over the wetland, these are Triq San Pawl tal-Qliegħa and Triq Buqana. The study area is similar to a rock-pool type environment. The site proper is a dammed watercourse. The watercourse is relatively shallow. Species include Eucalyptus trees, Foeniculum vulgare, Arundo donax, Piptatherum miliaceum, Hipparhenia hirta, Ricinus communis, Dittrichia viscosa, Aster squamatus and Acacia saligna indicating the disturbed nature from an ecological point of view of this part of the watercourse; this disturbed habitat can be described throughout the remainder of the site up to Buqana. There are pockets of typical watercourse species and species of interest. In this section, species of interest include Scirpoides holoschoenus. A small maquis-type community can be noted on the banks with some typical species including Erica multiflora, Olea europaea, Asparagus aphyllus and Prunis dulcis. Close to the boreholes Eucalyptus and Acacia trees are dominant; Scirpus holoschoenus is also present. As throughout most of this watercourse Arundo donax is also dominant. During the field visits it was noted that the water bodies were dominated by the Common Duckweed (Lemna minor L.); other typical watercourse species noted included Typha domingensis and Rumex conglomerates. Evidence of eutrophication was noted during the field visit. From an ecological point of view, this area is highly disturbed with Ricinus communis scrub and ruderals representing the dominant vegetation. Agricultural land surrounds this area.

Wetland data

Basic information
Wetland location: Inland
Wetland type: Artificial
Wetland area: 0.70 Ha
Hydrological interaction: Yes 
Water salinity: Fresh (< 0.5 g/l)
Type of fresh water input: Torrent / Stream - Unconfined aquifer
Surface water runoff Outflow controlled by dam
Open water area (%): 26 - 50
Hydroperiod: Permanent
Geographic information
Census district: Western
Island: Malta
Local council: Ir-Rabat
Longitude: 14.407790 East
Latitude: 35.903150 North
Biological significance
Biological significance: Medium
Ramsar wetland type
Type Coverage (%)
6 -- Water storage areas; reservoirs/barrages/dams/impoundments (generally over 8 ha)
Property status
Protection statuses
Protection status category Protection status subcategory Area's name Code Coverage area (%) Legislation
National Area of Ecological Importance/Site of Scientific Importance Sistema ta' Widien tas-Salina 555552415 100 Development Planning Act (Act VII of 2016)
National Area of High Landscape Value Chadwick Lakes u parti mill-Imdina 555546315 100 Development Planning Act (Act VII of 2016)
CDDA protection status
CDDA code CDDA category
MT02 Area of Ecological Importance/Site of Scientific Importance
MT15 Area of High Landscape Value
Wetland values
103 Flood control
105 Nutrient retention
110 Wildlife habitat
205 Water supply
Activities on wetland
Activity Intensity
020 = Resource conservation High
502 = roads motorways High
701 = water pollution High
710 = Noise nuisance Medium
852 = modifying structures of inland water courses High
910 = Silting up Medium
Activities on catchment area
Activity Intensity
101 = modification of cultivation practices Medium
110 = Use of pesticides Medium
120 = Fertilisation Medium
430 = Agricultural structures Low
502 = roads motorways High
701 = water pollution High
710 = Noise nuisance High
852 = modifying structures of inland water courses High
Impact Intensity
EB- = Increase in aesthetic qualities High
EF- = Increase in protection from natural forces High
ER- = Increase in flow regulation High
ES- = Increase in water supply Medium
PF- = Fertilizer/Excess nutrient pollution High
PP- = Pesticide pollution Medium
Vegetation types
Type Coverage (%)
Floating-leaved 5 - 25
Species Presence status References
Typha domingensis